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Asian fusion restaurant

About Us

Healthy balance

A-Bento is a health food restaurant and cafe in Basel, The name originates from the famous Japanese lunch container, the bento box, known for its refined taste, nutritional content and convenience. Inspired by the origins of the bento, we offer a healthy balance of Asian food using local ingredients and a touch of authentic Asian flavor.

* No msg ( Monosodium glutamate)*in our food. We cook for you just like we cook for our family!

Bento on demand

Choose what you like and enjoy!

Option of 5 bowls of balance meal

 BENTO ON DEMAND ( only lunch )

2 choices of proteins (meat, seafood or vegetarian)

1 choice of carb (white rice, grain rice or noodle)

1 fresh local salad

1 dessert

5 BOWLS  ( CHF 19.95)

( Chicken, Beef and Pork from switzerland, Duck from france)

Weekly Menu Bento Set 13-17 Augt 2018 (only lunch)

From The Kitchen ( Lunch) only Tuesday - Thursday

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Elsässerstrasse 138, 4056 Basel-Stadt, Switzerland

061 273 37 37


Monday - Friday:  11.00am -14.00pm

Saturday-Sunday: Closed